V.I.P. stands for visually impaired people who are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. We want to provide low vision community education, assistive technology, support and mentoring.

Hardee's worker recognized by V.I.P.

Hardee's worker recognized by V.I.P.

Channaveka Howard, a worker at the Hardee's restaurant on Ann Street in Montgomery, Ala. is given the V.I.P. Customer Service Award. She is a server who goes the extra mile to read menus, take food orders to customer's cars and she does it with a smile.

Verizon Wireless works honored for exceptional customer service

Verizon Wireless works honored for exceptional customer service

V.I.P. CEO William Bowman awards Peebles Austin with a customer service award. Austin works at the Verizon Wireless on Ann Street in Montgomery, Ala.

Austin goes out of her way to help sight-impaired customers find phones with large print and different talking features. She also assists with activating the phone and making sure the customer is familiar with the account.

LeDonna Bell honored

LeDonna Bell honored

LeDonna Bell, an employee at JC Penny received a V.I.P. Customer Service award for assisting customers with special needs and greeting all customers with a smile.

She has a wonderful personality and is very outgoing. V.I.P. CEO William Bowman recalls, "She is the only one that has ever helped me in the last 10 years that I've shopped here."

Tiffany Rodgers honored for exceptional customer service

Tiffany Rodgers honored for exceptional customer service

Tiffany Rodgers, an employee at Payless Shoes in Selma, was honored for her exceptional customer service. Tiffany always smiles as she greets customers. She also goes out of her way to help customers with special needs.

Fighting diabetic blindness

We received a very informative newsletter about how to fight blindness caused by diabetes. The information came from Lighthouse International.

Apparently, there is a new a government-sponsored clinical trial using the drug Lucentis that improved the eyesight of patients suffering from diabetic macular edema.

Football for visually impaired kids overseas

The FAI in conjunction with Irish Blind Sports are developing football in Ireland for children and adults with a visual impairment. These sessions are free of charge and coaching is by fully qualified FAI coaches.There is no need to register in advance, just turn up and learn to play football!


Quality Hotel in Youghal (East Cork) every fortnight on Mondays from 5pm until 6pm

Wal-Mart workers rewarded

Wal-Mart workers rewarded

Kenyatta Irby, customer service manager along with a cashier, were honored by V.I.P. for going the extra mile in helping customers with special needs at the Wal-Mart on Chantilly Parkway in Montgomery.

What We Offer

1) Low vision community educational programs, conferences and assistive technology demonstrations and expos

2) Support groups, mentoring and advocacy

3) Site and Structural modifications for churches, businesses, etc. for public access

4) Consultations for the visually impaired and low vision evaluations on assistive technology for the visually impaired

5) We provide information and referrals for magnification devices

6) Customer service training and workshops to better acommodate the visually impaired customer

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