V.I.P. stands for visually impaired people who are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. We want to provide low vision community education, assistive technology, support and mentoring.

Restaurant serve honored with customer service award

Restaurant serve honored with customer service award

Deja is a server at Texas Roadhouse in Birmingham, AL on Cahawba Valley Road. She was awarded with a certificate for exceptional service by VIP for going the extra mile to help customers with special needs and requests. No matter the issue, she did it with a smile and showed kindness. She made you feel like you had a friend.

WSFA donates weather radios

WSFA donates weather radios

V.I.P. would like to thank WSFA TV 12 for donating 2 autographed weather radios to us for our "2018 Low Vision Awareness Day".

The radios will help the visually impaired stay tuned to severe weather, when the power is off.

A special thanks to Meteorologists Josh Johnson and Amanda Curren for believing in our cause.

2018 Low Vision Awareness Day a Success

2018 Low Vision Awareness Day a Success

The 2018 Low Vision Awareness day & Expo was a huge success. The event was held at the Dallas County Health Department in Selma, Alabama. The purpose of the day was to make the visually impaired feel important.

Auto Mark Voting Machine Demonstration

Auto Mark Voting Machine Demonstration

Don Whitman of ES&S demonstrates the Auto Mark Voting Machine at the 2018 Low Vision Awareness Day.

V.I.P. is a big supporter of using assistive technology. to live and play independently.

Whitman says, " The Auto Mark can mark your ballot for you by pushing buttons or touching the screen." It is for the visually impaired, blind and handicapped to use to vote."
Whitman says

Freedom Scientific rep speaks at Low Vision Awareness Day

Freedom Scientific rep speaks at Low Vision Awareness Day

Mike Self of Freedom Scientific speaks at the 2018 Low Vision Awareness Day.

Self says, " With a magnifier or a computer than can use a program called Zoomtext." "A person who is visually impaired can do any daily activity they want too. " Self says,

Looking for a great pen? Try Uniball Pens

Uniball Pens

V.I.P. would like to promote the Uniball Pens. After about 18 years of research trying to find the perfect writing pen for the visually impaired. We finally found one that does the trick.

It writes in bold black ink. It is a gel RT impact. No, 207. 1.0 bold ink. You can find them at most retail stores and office supply stores.

What We Offer

1) Low vision community educational programs, conferences and assistive technology demonstrations and expos

2) Support groups, mentoring and advocacy

3) Site and Structural modifications for churches, businesses, etc. for public access

4) Consultations for the visually impaired and low vision evaluations on assistive technology for the visually impaired

5) We provide information and referrals for magnification devices

6) Customer service training and workshops to better acommodate the visually impaired customer

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V.I.P. Sponsors

Walmart Foundation
Eyesight Foundation of Alabama
Black Belt Community Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Freedom Scientific
First Cahawba Bank
Hat Country Resistal Hats
AI Squared Zoom Text
Moore Stewart Honda
Carter Drug Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pepsi Cola
Wyatt-Kirkpatrick Eye
City of Selma
Dallas County Commission
Regions Bank