V.I.P. stands for visually impaired people who are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. We want to provide low vision community education, assistive technology, support and mentoring.

Students at Bruce Craig Elementary School learn about effects of bullying


William Bowman was given the opportunity to speak to students at Bruce Craig Elementary School in Dallas County, Alabama on the effects of bullying on May 4.

The kids really enjoyed his presentation which was sponsored by Blue Cross and Carter Drugs.

Shabrianna Harris, a third-grader and V.I.P.'s Person of the Year, had a front row seat for the presentation.

William Bowman delivers anti-bullying message to elementary school students


Third, fourth and fifth-graders at Meadowview School in Selma, Ala. learned how not to become a victim of bullying.

Visually Impaired People, Inc. CEO William Bowman recently delivered his "Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me" program to the students.

Bowman spoke on the fact that you do not need to make fun of people because they are different and there is never a reason to bully.

Third-grader Shabrianna Harris is V.I.P.'s Person of the Year


Visually Impaired People, Inc. of Selma, Alabama named its "VISUALLY IMPARED PERSON OF THE YEAR" for 2011. It is Shabrianna Harris, a third-grader at Bruce Craig School in Dallas County.

Shabrianna is visually impaired and has been working hard to overcome her sight impairment.

Research Study Needs Blind Individuals With Sleep Problems

Non-24-hour sleep wake disorder occurs in some individuals who are blind and lack the light sensitivity necessary to reset their “body clock”. This can lead to problems with sleep and/or daytime excessive sleepiness.

Owner of Calhoun Foods honored with customer service award

Owner of Calhoun Foods honored with customer service award

William Bowman presents a V.I.P. Customer Service Award to Greg Calhoun, owner of Calhoun Foods in Selma, Alabama. Also honored was the manager of Selma store, Jimmy Coleman.

"Zoom text" allows sight-impaired visitors to use computer services


Chris is a visitor at the George Washington Center at the Selma Housing Authority. He uses a computer with zoom text to play a card game. The computer along with the CCTV was given to the center by Visually Impaired People, Inc. through a grant from the City of Selma's Weed and Seed program.

Preparing the visually impaired for severe weather


WSFA-TV 12 Storm Team weather watcher and Visually Impaired People, Inc. CEO along with Dallas County Emergency Management Director Rhonda Abbott recently discussed how to make Dallas County more accessible during severe weather in preparation for Severe Weather Week which runs Feb. 20 -26.

What We Offer

1) Low vision community educational programs, conferences and assistive technology demonstrations and expos

2) Support groups, mentoring and advocacy

3) Site and Structural modifications for churches, businesses, etc. for public access

4) Consultations for the visually impaired and low vision evaluations on assistive technology for the visually impaired

5) We provide information and referrals for magnification devices

6) Customer service training and workshops to better acommodate the visually impaired customer

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V.I.P. Sponsors

Walmart Foundation
Eyesight Foundation of Alabama
Black Belt Community Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Freedom Scientific
First Cahawba Bank
Hat Country Resistal Hats
AI Squared Zoom Text
Moore Stewart Honda
Carter Drug Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pepsi Cola
Wyatt-Kirkpatrick Eye
City of Selma
Dallas County Commission
Regions Bank