V.I.P. stands for visually impaired people who are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. We want to provide low vision community education, assistive technology, support and mentoring.

All people - including the visually-impaired - should be prepared for hurricane season

Hurricane season lasts until November. All citizens should be prepared near the gulf coast. You should have plans to put into place for protecting your family.

Just because you are visually impaired isn’t an excuse for not being prepared.

You should have a safety kit with flash lights, batteries, water, food toiletries, extra clothes and any medicines or list of meds you take regularly.

Bank teller given V.I.P. Customer Award

Bank teller given V.I.P. Customer Award

Shonta Rogers, a teller at First Cahawba Bank in Selma, was given the V.I.P. Customer Service Award for always having a smile and friendly voice. She was also recognized for helping customers with special needs feel welcomes.

William Bowman receives "Cash for Kindess" from WSFA


VIP Organization CEO William Bowman was awarded "Cash for Kindness" for WSFA-TV for his work in the Selma community.

Bowman's mission is to help the visually impaired live a better, more independent life. Bowman was nominated by Gloria Black.

Wal-Mart Angel Comes to Rescue of Visually Impaired Customer

I am visually impaired man and was struggling trying to read a box of fruit at the Selma, Alabama Wal-Mart on April 23.

Without her even knowing me or worried about how it looked to help someone she did not know. She asked, "Do you need some help?"

I said, "I sure do!" She began reading the fruit boxes to me and stayed with me until I got what I wanted.

Bowman, Congresswoman Terri A. Sewell chat about visually impaired in the Black Black region


Visually Impaired People, Inc. CEO William Bowman recently had the opportunity to talk with Congresswoman Terri A. Sewell of the 7th Congressional District while she was in Selma, Alabama at the Michael Johnson football and cheer camp fundraiser.

Bowman delivers anti-bullying message to Selma students


VIP Organization, Inc's CEO Williwam Bowman recently spoke to elementary school students in Selma about the effects of bullying.

On Wednesday, May 18 Bowman talked to third, fourth and fifth graders at Sophia Kingston School. He explained to them that students should not bully one another because they do not act or look like them.

Help us help others in the community

As you know V.I.P. is a non-profit organization that is a ministry to in power the visually impaired to lead a productive life. We need funds for the following projects. We are trying to raise $10,000.

1. V.I.P. wants to purchase hand held low cost magnifiers for young and old who could not afford one.

2. V.I.P.

What We Offer

1) Low vision community educational programs, conferences and assistive technology demonstrations and expos

2) Support groups, mentoring and advocacy

3) Site and Structural modifications for churches, businesses, etc. for public access

4) Consultations for the visually impaired and low vision evaluations on assistive technology for the visually impaired

5) We provide information and referrals for magnification devices

6) Customer service training and workshops to better acommodate the visually impaired customer

Make a donation

Help V.I.P. help the visually impaired in the community. Consider making a donation. No amount is too small.

V.I.P. Sponsors

Walmart Foundation
Eyesight Foundation of Alabama
Black Belt Community Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Freedom Scientific
First Cahawba Bank
Hat Country Resistal Hats
AI Squared Zoom Text
Moore Stewart Honda
Carter Drug Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pepsi Cola
Wyatt-Kirkpatrick Eye
City of Selma
Dallas County Commission
Regions Bank