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Does it work? V.I.P. puts the iBill Reader to the test

By William Bowman - Posted on 28 June 2011


Technology is important to us. Money is limited to us to spend on technology. I will search for low cost assistive technology and companies that stand behind their products. I will give an honest analysis of each product and give you my feedback on how it works and how it can help you live more independent.

This month's feature is the iBill reader from Orbit Research. It reads bills ranging from $1 to $100. It comes already with batteries out of the box. There is a large print manual and an audio CD that can be played in any CD player.

It has different voice levels and has different voices for folks that speak different languages. I put it to test. Yes it does work. It reads paper bills no coins.

It is light weight and cost $99. Any one dealing with lots of money in a business and who has difficulty seeing their money this product is for you.

I recommend all banks and business to purchase one so that the visually impaired customer can know how much change they are getting back. Until you try it out at home I would not try it in public. It can be challenging at first.

You simply run the paper bill through a slot and push a button on the side and it reads the bill to you in an easy to understand voice. To learn more about the IBill reader got to the following links.

More information:
iBill description on website

This will be a regular segment of our website that I will feature a different product for the visually impaired community on products that can improve your quality of life. It will appear monthly.

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